This page lists potential projects for the sprint.

See Ideas and Proposals for how to discuss ideas for projects or add a project proposal.

Author Title Categories
Paul Murrell Adding Alpha Masks to the Quartz Graphics Device C,MacOS,Graphics
Heather Turner and Ben Bolker Addressing Bugs in nlme R,C,Models
Aidan Lakshman Dendrapply Refactor C,Wishlist,Low-level
Ahmadou Dicko and Thomas Lumley Enhancing for unequal probability sampling C,R,Wishlist,Models
Simon Urbanek and Michael Chirico Facilitate Translation for Mac GUI Translations
Elio Campitelli Improving documentation Documentation,R
María Nanton and Saranjeet Kaur Translating R Messages/Warnings/Errors Translations
Martin Maechler Tweak printCoefmat() - better Round()ing / Zapping Zeros I/O,Wishlist
Gergely Daroczi Weblate Improvements Translations,Documentation
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