R Project Sprint 2023

August 30 - September 1, 2023
University of Warwick, UK

Collaborate on contributions to base R!

We are pleased to announce an R Project Sprint, to be hosted at the University of Warwick, UK, from Wednesday August 30 to Friday September 1. Novice and experienced contributors are encouraged to apply for a place at the residential event, with funding available for travel (deadline Friday 10 March). Read on for more! #RSprint2023

A group of 11 people around a long table with a large screen at one end and a big window behind. People are general busy working on laptops, writing on notepads, etc.
Breakout space in the Faculty of Arts Building, University of Warwick ©Hufton+Crow

About the sprint

R is a popular and widely used software for data science. Like any large open source software project, it takes a lot of work to maintain and develop. Much of the work is done by a small number of volunteers and there is a need to grow the contributor community.

This sprint will bring together novice and experienced contributors, to work alongside members of the R Core Team. Participants will work collaboratively on contributions to base R. The tasks will be prepared in the run-up to the event, but may include:

Who can take part?

The sprint will involve a mixture of invited and self-nominated participants, so that we have contributors at all experience levels.

The main criteria for participation is a good knowledge of R programming and a keen interest in contributing, as we hope participants continue to contribute after the event. The table below shows the type of knowledge/skills we expect participants to have

Skills most will have Skills some will have
Writing R functions Programming in C
Debugging R functions Knowledge of S3/S4 classes and methods
Writing R help files Expertise in statistical methods in stats, splines
Using git/Subversion Able to build R from source

Other specialist skills e.g. expertise in building Windows/MacOS GUIs or fluency in language with a low percentage of translated messages on Weblate, would of course be welcome!

It will help if you have some experience in contributing to base R, but novice contributors will be mentored in the run-up to the event, so they are prepared.

We are also keen to foster a diverse community of contributors. If you are a member of the R-Ladies, MiR, RainbowR, AfricaR, ArabR, AsiaR, or LatinR communities, or otherwise identify as part of an underrepresented group among R contributors, then we especially encourage you to self-nominate! To ensure a welcoming environment, we have a code of conduct in place.

Apply for a place

Anyone one interested to attend the sprint is encouraged to self-nominate via the application form by Friday 10 March. You will be asked about your experience, skills and background to help us balance participation overall.

Thanks to our sponsors, all workshop participants will be accommodated free of charge during the sprint, in on-campus housing at the University of Warwick, with meals provided.

Funding is also available for travel expenses, however if participants are able to get travel funding from other sources this will allow more people to attend - companies or other funding bodies providing such support to participants will be acknowledged as sponsors.


The sprint will be held in the recently completed Faculty of Arts Building at the University of Warwick, which alongside regular seminar rooms has many breakout spaces, some of which we have reserved for our use. We think this will be a great environment for collaborative work.

The University of Warwick is in Coventry, in the middle of England. It is reachable by train from nearby European countries, or by plane to Birmingham or other UK airports. See the travel information and visa information for international visitors.

What’s on nearby

Participants may be interested to know of these events happening close to the sprint:

28 August is a bank holiday in the UK, there are typically many festivals, fairs and other events over the long weekend at the end of the school summer holidays.

Local organizing team

This event is being organized by members of the Statistics department at the University of Warwick.

We are coordinating with the R Contribution Working Group and the R Core Team.


For queries about this event, please contact r-project-sprint@livewarwickac.onmicrosoft.com.


Core funding

Providing sponsorship for general participant travel, accommodation and subsistence, plus general running costs.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Council logo

Platinum sponsors

Providing sponsorship for R Core travel.

Gold sponsors

Providing sponsorship for evening events and specific participants.

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Centre for Research in Statistical Methodology logo

Posit logo

Silver sponsors

Providing sponsorship for specific participants.

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Further sponsors welcome to support participant travel, accommodation and/or social events. Sponsors will be acknowledged on this website, on the R Contributors Twitter and Mastodon accounts, and in reports of the sprint. Please contact r-project-sprint@livewarwickac.onmicrosoft.com to discuss!