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R Contribution Working Group

The R Contribution Working Group is a collaboration between R Core, R community groups (including Forwards, the R Community Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, R-Ladies, MiR) and members of the wider R community. Its aim is to encourage new contributors to R core, with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Current Work

The group maintains a GitHub repo, with issues relating to current initiatives and related documents, such as minutes of meetings. Dates of upcoming meetings are posted there, as well as on the Events page here.

Get Involved

Anyone from the R community that supports the group’s objectives and would like to contribute is welcome to get involved. This can range from commenting on GitHub issues to actively working on initiatives. The GitHub repo has more details, including how to join the mailing list to be invited to group meetings.

Several members of the working group are also on the R Contributors Slack and discuss issues relevant to outreach on the #core-outreach channel.