Chapter 11 R Core Developers

This page lists the former and current members of the R Core team who have write access to the R source.

  • Brian Ripley (present)
  • Deepayan Sarkar (present)
  • Douglas Bates (present)
  • Duncan Murdoch (up to September 2017)
  • Duncan Temple Lang (present)
  • Friedrich Leisch (present)
  • Guido Masarotto (up to June 2003)
  • Heiner Schwarte (up to October 1999)
  • John Chambers (present)
  • Kurt Hornik (present)
  • Luke Tierney (present)
  • Martin Maechler (present)
  • Sebastian Meyer (present)
  • Martin Morgan (up to June 2021)
  • Martyn Plummer (present)
  • Michael Lawrence (present)
  • Paul Murrell (present)
  • Peter Dalgaard (present)
  • Robert Gentleman (present)
  • Ross Ihaka (present)
  • Seth Falcon (up to August 2015)
  • Simon Urbanek (present)
  • Stefano lacus (up to July 2014)
  • Thomas Lumley (present)
  • Tomas Kalibera (present)
  • Uwe Ligges (present)

View the affiliations of R Core members. We’ve left it up to the individual core developers to list areas of expertise (or things they are willing to maintain) if they wish.

The Contributors page on the R Project website also lists contributors, outside the R Core team, who provided invaluable help by donating code, bug fixes, and documentation.