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Help squash bugs in R!

The Bug Barbecue (Bug BBQ) is a global, online event spread over 24 hours, in which new and experienced contributors can help to address open bugs in R. It will take place Thursday, June 23 - Friday, June 24.

People catching different insects in different ways - representing bugs in the R project.
This image was created by Scriberia for The Turing Way community and is used under a CC-BY licence.

It is a satellite event to useR! 2022, however you do not need to register for useR! to attend the Bug BBQ.


There will be three organized sessions during the event and people are welcome to attend one or more session. The three sessions are suited to different regions of the globe, as detailed below.

Session 1 (APAC), Friday, June 24, 01:00 - 05:00 UTC (your local time, note this starts on Thursday evening, June 23 in AMER region). [Register for Session 1]

Session 2 (EMEA), Friday, June 24, 09:00 - 13:00 UTC (your local time). [Register for Session 2]

Session 3 (AMER), Friday, June 24, 16:00 - 20:00 UTC (your local time). [Register for Session 3]

There is no cost to attend. Registration can be done any time up to the end of each session and allows you to join the Zoom meeting to chat with facilitators and other participants.

Session format

Each session is self-guided, to allow people to get started whenever they can join.

When you join:

  1. [Optional, for new contributors] Watch the abridged version of the Contributing to R tutorial from useR! 2021 (~1.5 hours). At least one of the tutors, Gabriel Becker and Martin M├Ąchler, will be available for questions in each of the sessions.
  2. Watch the Welcome to the Bug BBQ video to get orientated. Corresponding HTML slides - press P to see the transcript.
  3. Use the remaining time to work independently or in small groups on open bugs.
    • Zoom breakout rooms will be available for people that want to work together.
    • The #bug-bbq channel on the R Contributors Slack will be used for people that want to chat.
    • The bug-bbq GitHub repo will be used to track progress.

Note: we will be treating the R Bugzilla as read only during the event. Please do not post there, but rather use the Zoom, Slack or GitHub repo mentioned above.

Code of Conduct

As a satellite event, the Bug BBQ will follow the useR! code of conduct.