Chapter 11 News and Announcements

Here are some resources that can be useful to keep up with the developments in R:

11.1 Blogs

The R project maintains a list of public blogs mainly written by the R Core Development Team. Daily news about R-devel can be found here.

11.2 Conferences

Updates about conferences actively supported or endorsed by The R Foundation can be found here. These conferences are organised by members from the R community.

11.3 Journal

The R Journal is an open access and refereed journal featuring short to medium length articles that should be of interest to users or developers of R. It also has a news section where information on, changes in R (new features of the latest release), changes on CRAN (new add-on packages, manuals, binary contributions, mirrors, etc.), upcoming conferences, and conference reports is provided.

11.4 Mailing lists

  • R-announce: A moderated mailing list used for announcements by the R Core Development Team. Major announcements about the development of R and the availability of new code are made here.
  • R-packages: A moderated mailing list for announcements about contributed R packages (typically on CRAN) and similar R project extensions.

11.5 Twitter

Follow @R_dev_news on Twitter for the R development updates and blog post announcements.