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Collaboration Campfires

Learn how to contribute to R!

The Collaboration Campfires are online collaborative events to open pathways for members of groups currently underrepresented in the R project. The goal is to demystify the R development process and highlight ways that R programmers can contribute, with a focus on low-level contributions in terms of time commitment and prerequisite knowledge.

Friends sitting by a campfire

The current series is planned in the run-up to the useR! 2022 online conference, where we plan to hold a satellite global contribution event: the Bug Barbecue!


The Collaboration Campfires will be on the 4th Tuesday of every month from February to May 2022. The 90 minute Zoom sessions will start at 15:30 UTC. Note: many countries switch to daylight savings time either before the March meeting or before the April meeting.

If you are a member of the R-Ladies, MiR, ArabR, AfricaR, AsiaR, or LatinR communities, or otherwise identify as part of an underrepresented group among R contributors, then we especially encourage you to participate! Anyone from the general R community that respects and supports the aims of these events is also welcome to attend.

Registration is free. Click the button to register for individual or multiple events and receive a calendar invite.

[Zoom Registration Form]

If you have a friend or colleague who might be interested in attending the Collaboration Campfires, then why not invite them along!

Campfire Hosts

Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal Saranjeet Kaur
Heather Turner outside in the sun, smiling. She is a white woman in her 40s with dark straight hair tied back and wears glasses. She is dressed in a business casual shirt. Heather Turner

If you have any questions about the events, please contact heather@r-project.org or find us on the R-devel Slack.

Organizers and partners

The Collaboration Campfires are part of the project Building Community around the R Development Guide, supported by the Digital Infrastructure Incubator at Code for Science & Society (CS&S). The project is led by Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal and Heather Turner, and mentored by Rayya El Zein. Members of partner communities and the R Contribution Working Group have contributed to the organisation, and will provide expert and peer support during the sessions.

Code of Conduct

As CS&S events, their [code of conduct](Guidelines for community participation & Code of Conduct: (https://eventfund.codeforscience.org/code-of-conduct/) will apply to these sessions.

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